An Influential African American Classic in Pre-Production Works

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African-American Classic Film

It’s described as an “influential classic story”—a cross between August Wilson’s “Fences” and Langston Hughes’ “Not Without Laughter.” Along the Dirt Road which is based on the novel Sweet Lavender by Terry a O’Neal, is a depiction of an African American family that is torn apart by betrayal, abandonment and infidelity living in a small Louisiana town during the 1960s.
Although it is a fictional drama, the film depicts real-life experiences of a young girl that is faced with the overwhelming reality of growing up without her father, while her mother struggles to raise two children on her own during a difficult time of racial tension in the South.
The film, which is currently in pre-production stages, is set and will be shot in Lake Charles and surrounding areas. Like Spike Lee and other independent filmmakers, Motion ENT Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign in their efforts to raise funding for the film. Apart from the powerful impact that the story will have on its audience, film production executive Danny Pearson, former singer for R & B singer for Barry White, believes that their campaign “Fifty Thousand Strong” is a way to unite people from different walks of life by making pledgers a part of the production.
For more information on the film, casting calls and production details, visit the movie website at
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