Along the Dirt Road, A Classic Film

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African-American Classic Film

An Influential African American Classic in Pre-Production Works

It’s described as an “influential classic story”—a cross between August Wilson’s “Fences” and Langston Hughes’ “Not Without Laughter.” Along the Dirt Road is a depiction of an African American family that is torn apart by betrayal, abandonment and infidelity living in a small Louisiana town during the 1960s. In the adaptation of Terry a O’Neal’s “Sweet Lavender,” husband and father Raymond Johnston brings home a new born son that is conceived from an adulterous relationship. Shortly after, he vanishes, leaving his wife Angela to raise their daughter Rae and his “love child.” While Rae is faced with the overwhelming reality of growing up without her father, Angela struggles to raise two children on her own during a difficult time of racial tension in the South.

This film is currently in pre-production. Please visit for more details.


DESRETA JACKSON, best-known as “Young Celie” in The Color Purple



Directed & Edited by: Shelly “The Artist” Hollis

Produced By: Terry A O’Neal and Michael O’Neal





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