circle of eternity (a poem)

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in high regard

I hold him

his excellence emerges

from many places

untold faces of wisdom

deep-rooted in the earth

fresh soil yielding crops of love

and jagged edged tenderness


the wintry, cold mists

resting upon the shoulders of

thirty mountain tops

solid character:

vast depth, soaring height—

stunning beauty of a man

of black serpentine

1,960 markings carefully etched

tell a narrative –

a reflection of past sufferings,

passion and his purpose—

aesthetic expressions draw me nearer

ancient bond between souls

fastened by the Sun

between verses

h/e is

the main clause

completing my fragmented thoughts—

in all his splendor

standing             alone

he makes a thunderous statement:
hear him roar



he is strong

beyond existence

I have loved him

like a circle

infinite is he–

together we

are one


JAN 30, 2015

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