Library Workshops

Terry a O’Neal’s writers workshops offer programs for various skill levels; inviting libraries, public and private, to join based on their love of and understanding of the necessities of good exploratory literature.

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Pen to Paper, Start Writing Today!

In this workshop, aspiring writers are introduced to the tools of ideal writing. Topics will include getting beyond writers block, showing and telling, writing style and our writing environment.

This workshop is a perfect place to put forward first efforts and talk to other aspiring authors.

This is a 1 hour session.

Price: $395

Mini-Lesson on Self-Publishing

This workshop is an interactive presentation designed to take aspiring authors through the self-publishing process.

Topics will include the highs and lows of self-publishing, the editing process, copyrights, book printing and marketing. This workshop will also provide additional resources for submitting your work.

This is a 1 hour session.

Price: $499

Poetry Play

This workshop is an interactive presentation designed to inspire and transform flourishing poets.

Topics will include poetry writing, modifying and editing, imagery in poetry and tips on how to market your poetry.

This is a 1 hour session.

Price: $299


Travel accommodations may apply

*** For one-on-one interaction, these workshops are ideal for 35 people or less. Various arrangements must be made for groups over 35 people and the rates will be increased.

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To schedule a library workshop, please print and fill out the Application Form and either fax it in or mail it to the address below:

Library Workshops
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